“Pippin” Auditions

We are looking for performers and technical/production staff who are currently in 9th-12th grade! Audition forms and videos will be accepted until 3pm on January 10th, 2021. All applicants (performers and tech) must create videos as noted in Step 1, and fill out the Audition/Application Form in Step 2. Please read the instructions carefully – following instructions correctly is part of your audition! : )


STEP 1: Record your audition videos (see requirements below)

Video requirements for Performers:  

  1. Vocals:  32 bars of a song (with accompaniment) in the style of the show (please listen to the Pippin revival version from 2013)
  2. Dance:  Please check out these video links (front view, back view and step-by-step) to learn a short movement combo. Record yourself doing this dance so we can get an idea of your level of movement and dance. Choreo questions? Contact our choreographer directly at bethbrady03@yahoo.com
  3. Acting:  We will be evaluating your acting skills based on how you sell your song. Make sure your vocals reflect the story you are telling. No monologue is necessary.


Video requirements for Technical and Production Staff:  

  1. If you have experience, we’d like to know more about that — in what departments, what your responsibilities were, what you find most challenging, what you liked about it.
  2. If you don’t have experience, but are interested in learning a skill, let us know that as well!
  3. Feel free to add any other information you’d like us to know about you.


ALL:  please follow these instructions carefully when recording your videos:

  1. Record your video with your phone or laptop in HORIZONTAL format only please.
  2. For vocals, make sure your backing tracks can be heard balanced with your voice. Do a test run.
  3. Please “slate” — tell us your name and song choice before you start to sing and dance. Please speak clearly.
  4. Your videos should be named FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_PippinAudition


STEP 2: Fill out the AUDITION/APPLICATION FORM. This is also where you will upload your videos.



We will be viewing the audition videos  on January 10th, and will let you know if you are called back for a specific part on January 11th. Callbacks will be done virtually, you may be requested to make a video, though some may be conducted “live” on Zoom. You will be given specific instructions for callbacks via email. Not all parts will be called back, so if you don’t hear back on January 11th, it does not mean you are not cast in a role. ALL auditioners will be contacted regarding casting by January 19th via email. 


Need help?   

Please email info@thefreetheatre.org if you need help with your audition form or video, or if you have any specific questions. 



Leading Player (any gender) – must be a solid singer and dancer


Charlemagne (The King, Pippin’s father)

Lewis (Pippin’s half-brother)

Fastrada (The Queen, Pippin’s stepmother) – must be a solid singer and dancer

Berthe (Pippin’s grandmother) – comedic role

Catherine (a widow and mother) – comedic role

Theo (Catherine’s son, a child)

Ensemble: MANY various roles, dancers, singers, actors, circus performers

Swings: One actor will cover all female character roles, one actor will cover all male character roles.    Both will be in the ensemble as well.



Meet Our Student Creative Team! 

Director: Ari Rubenstein

Assistant Director: Gerrel Marquez

Choreographer: Beth Brady

Assistant Music Directors: Ian Javelosa and Zoe Fischthal 

Stage Manager: Gustavo Ballesteros