COVID Safety and Practices

Updated:  3/28/2021

We are currently operating in a completely virtual manner. All rehearsals are currently being conducted via Zoom. We are planning to venture into small, socially distanced, in-person rehearsals in April, and we will be having a live performance in late June. These adjustments will ONLY happen if it is safe to do so, in accordance with state and local government restrictions, and with student, parent/guardian, and mentor permissions.

All of the following guidelines are subject to change at any time based on the restrictions put in place by state and local governments, and our commitment to keeping EVERYONE in our company and on our staff safe. This is a constant work in progress, and suggestions and comments are welcome. We would love donations of PPE once we are able to be face to face!

A few guidelines we are considering for in-person rehearsals:

   1. Adult health and safety officer present (Hope Villanueva, our Production Manager, has been trained as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer for film and stage, certified by Health Education Services)

   2. Temperatures taken and COVID-exposure questions asked

   3. Routine testing (every two weeks? once a month?)

   4. Proof of vaccination, possibly a requirement once it is available to all

   5. Masks required, antibacterial hand gel will be provided 

   6. Outdoor, socially distanced


A few guidelines we are considering for audiences if we are able to do a live performance:

   1. Socially distanced, marked off areas for audience seating

   2. Smaller in-person audiences, live streaming available online

   3. Temperature taking, COVID questionnaire

   4. Proof of vaccination

   5. Masks required